Marajà Grand-Lounge Bar

Aperitif in the Ligurian Riviera

At the Marajà Lounge Bar you can have excellent appetizers and cocktails in a very special location.
Weekly themed evenings include Andalusia, Marrakech, Buddha Bar & Asian Cuisine,
Brasiliana, 80s Dance Music, Halloween, AperiTango, Burlesque, Hippy Chic Night, and so on.
Every event is spectacular, with a DJ set and a rich buffet selection of appetizers and courses
from a special menu designed to reflect the theme of the evening.
A unique opportunity to combine appetizers & cocktails on the Ligurian Riviera
with exclusive parties and dance the night away with glamour, style and an infectious energy.

Lounge Bar - Arenzano

Party & events

Theme nights with entertainment and appetizers


A unique opportunity to combine an aperitif in Riviera Ligure
with exclusive parties and dye your nights of glamor , style and captivating energy.