Museum Booking

Book visits to the museum centers

The Grand Hotel Arenzano also books museum visits for its guests.
Before you leave Arenzano, have a look at the Museo Vivo delle Tecnologie per l'Ambiente
(Living Museums of Environmental Technologies),
created to make people aware of eco-sustainability and providing a vast interactive climate lab.

Your tour continues with Genoa museums: the Galata (Sea Museum),
Museo Diocesano del Chiostro dei Canonici di San Lorenzo (Diocesan Museum in the San Lorenzo Canons Cloister),
Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace), Galleria Nazionale Spinola (Spinola National Gallery),
Museo d'arte orientale Edoardo Chiossone (Edoardo Chiossone Oriental Art Museums),
Raccolte Frugone (Frugone Collections) and the Aquarium.
Also worth mentioning are the Santuario dei Cetacei (Cetaceans' Sanctuary),
covering the whole of the Ligurian Sea, Lavagna’s Casa Carbone (Carbone Family House Museum),
Ameglia’s Punta Corvo (Corvo Cape), Ventimiglia’s Balzi Rossi (Balzi Rossi National Prehistoric Museum),
Bordighera’s Museo Bicknell (Bicknell Museum), and many more.